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Fact Sheet

Aligning CRE & Utilities

Learn how Waypoint strategically aligns CRE capital budget planning and utility program schedules to optimize energy efficiency opportunities and implementation.

Consumers Energy CRE Connect offering

Waypoint’s flagship commercial real estate engagement offering launched in 2018 with Consumers Energy in Michigan as part of a pilot CRE Program.

How to reduce Plug Loads

Plug loads often consume electricity while in standby power, and are sometimes called phantoms loads. These loads can be reduced to save energy.

CRE Building Lifecycles

An overview of the commercial real estate building lifecycle and how utilities can tailor energy efficiency recommendations to customers within each stage.

Efficiency in
Office Leasing

Introduction to the opportune timing and strategy for utilities to introduce energy efficiency in office tenant improvement (TI) fit-outs.

Rocky Mountain Power
CRE Connect Program

Waypoint’s flagship commercial real estate engagement offering launched in 2017 in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Business Program in Utah.

ComEd CRE Energy Efficiency Program

Waypoint's commercial real estate energy efficiency program offered with ComEd in Illinois to provide facility walkthroughs and identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Energy usage intensity (EUI) FAQ

Almost every project focused on building performance examines energy usage intensity (EUI). Knowing where to start and how to measure it is the first step

Utility CRE Connect

Waypoint’s utility program for investor owned multi-tenant commercial properties focusing on the deployment of electric and gas energy conservation measures

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