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Waypoint Energy develops and manages private, public and utility programs throughout the U.S. to improve energy efficiency within the commercial, industrial and multifamily real estate industry.

What We Offer

Strategy Development

Opportunity identification in a changing and complex environment, consultative work, brainstorming guidance, and facilitation for market transformation

Market Research & Data Analytics

Benchmarking, market assessment and segmentation analysis, building energy auditing, energy reporting, data management, evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V), portfolio and building energy and sustainability assessments

Technology Strategy

Development, review, and outreach for implementation strategies for efficient building technologies

Program Deployment

Program implementation, program management, utility support, marketing, development and promotion of customer outreach efficiency tools and engagement resources for hard-to-reach markets

Financial & Regulatory Support

Alignment with current regulatory and policy environment including consulting, green leasing, benchmarking ordinances, reporting requirements, and literature reviews

Customer Targeting & Engagement

Customer relationship management, relationship building and strengthening, market engagement, customer outreach, and customer satisfaction evaluation

Turnkey Design & Planning

Turnkey program design, project management, strategic program planning, and sustainability effort interfacing with utility programs (e.g. LEED, WELL, ENERGY STAR, GRESB, and Zero Net Energy)

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