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Understanding Energy Efficiency in the Commercial Real Estate Building Lifecycle

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

Are all stages of a building’s lifecycle created equal? No way. From acquisition through disposition, each stage comes with its own challenges and implications as to when and why the decision makers at a building are willing to invest in certain energy efficiency measures. Waypoint leverages its commercial real estate (CRE) expertise to identify the appropriate energy efficiency measures for implementation based on the current stage of the building’s lifecycle (see the image below for all the stages).

Commercial Building Lifecycle

Check out this overview we created about CRE building lifecycles and how utilities can tailor energy efficiency recommendations to customers within each stage.

Waypoint Energy has proven experience implementing utility programs for the CRE industry and knows how to promote energy efficiency measures tailored to specific needs of a building. Opportunities are implemented faster when the right building is engaged at the right time. Conversely, we know some buildings are not in a state in which the owner is willing to pay for large capital upgrades – so why waste their time and utility engagement funds? Learn more in Waypoint Energy’s fact sheet “Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Building Lifecyle” and reach out to us at for more details on incorporating these strategies into your own utility programming.


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