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Making it the Most Efficient Decade

Written By: Katie Vrabel

Welcome to 2020! New year, new decade, new resolutions to make this the most efficient year yet. Motivation may be there, though putting it into action can be a different story. So, how to begin?

Take Inventory. Literally. If the property has had a recent facility assessment, a list of potential projects is at your fingertips – most likely including payback and eligible incentives available from your local utility. Haven’t had a facility assessment in a while? Utilize a team to walk your building and take stock or check to see if your local utility offers these at no cost.

Prioritize. Short payback, increased property value, corporate objectives – whatever it may be, prioritize the list of properties and projects that best meet your needs. If budgets are already set and an annual plan is in place, tackle those projects identified first. Ideally, through the use of available electric and gas incentives, there may be leftover funds that can be utilized at the end of the year for some of those remaining wish-list projects.

Do Your Homework. Want to complete a large lighting project this year? Or perhaps replace a chiller? Also interested in decreasing your costs through incentives? It’s important to take the time to do your homework – as most utilities require a pre-application before any work is completed. The alternative? By not following the terms provided by incentive programs, a project could easily become ineligible – which may mean the difference between thousands of dollars applied to a project or none.

Take Action. Go forth! Complete those projects and begin realizing energy and cost savings, as well as improving tenant comfort and experience!

Looking for more guidance? Contact the Waypoint team to kickstart your new year and learn more about eligible programs and incentives for your facilities.


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