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Looking Beyond the Meter: Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Written by: Fiona Dearth

For today’s leaders in commercial real estate, energy efficiency is no longer an afterthought—it’s a key determinant of a building’s holistic market value. Efficiency is central to owners’ strategies to improve the competitive position of their buildings in the market and is a key determinant of tenant satisfaction.

Waypoint Energy and our partners at the Northeast Energy Efficiency Alliance recognize that energy efficiency improvements don’t only boost a property’s asset value. They also bring a host of non-energy benefits (NEBs) - those that are not quantified as part of the direct utility cost savings resulting from decreased energy use.

Common non-energy benefits of energy efficiency for commercial buildings include:

Non-energy benefits extend to tenants, property managers, and ownership and over time, they can extend to a building’s overall value and competitive position in the market. Owners and property managers can learn to recognize, track, and promote these non-energy benefits to tenants and key decision makers to maximize the value of efficiency at their property.

Check out this toolkit recently published by BetterBricks to find actionable resources to capitalize on the non-energy benefits of efficiency, particularly those that may be difficult to quantify. Learn how to start capturing the full range of energy efficiency benefits at your property with a simple two-step process. BetterBricks is a commercial resource of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), providing resources and support for those designing, building, managing, and operating commercial buildings. For more information on BetterBricks activities and industry news, sign up for the BetterBricks Newsletter.

Want to learn more about how to capture the full range of efficiency benefits for your property? Explore Waypoint’s suite of professional services tailored to the commercial real estate industry, find additional BetterBricks resources to answer your questions about energy efficiency, or email to start a conversation with us.


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