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How’s Your Roof-Top Unit Performing? New York State-Wide RTU Improvement Incentive from NYSERDA

Written by: Marta Schantz

As CRE firms are wrapping up their annual budget plans this year for next year’s capital projects, there may still be time for commercial buildings in New York State to include one more item: Roof-Top Unit (RTU) Controls Retrofits. You may be thinking… Why RTUs? Why now?

All too often, RTUs are a set-it-and-forget-it building system that leave energy savings – and dollar savings – on the table. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has recognized the need for market transformation regarding this technology, and has developed a program with Transformative Wave’s CATALYST with eIQ solution to address existing units’ RTU efficiency.

Small to medium Class B and C properties are generally the ones cooled by RTUs and have the opportunity for participation in this program supported by NYSERDA. With an incentive of up to $2400 per unit, the program encourages efficiency improvements on existing RTUs on commercial building roofs with paybacks of less than 3 years and HVAC energy savings of 20-50%. The incentive is available now through summer of 2017 for all commercial and institutional building types in NY state that pay a System Benefits Charge on their utility bill.

NYSERDA and the Program team held a webinar on this exact incentive a few weeks back which is available for viewing here. Property managers, facility engineers, and sustainability directors from across New York State joined the webinar to learn about NYSERDA’s Incentive for Advanced RTU Controls, the “#1 Game-Changing Technology of 2013.” By now in 2016, it’s been proven and installed on RTUs across the country.

You likely know as well as we do - now is a great time to include budget for this in CRE capital plans and to capture HVAC energy savings during these summer and fall cooling months.  To get involved or reach out with additional questions/comments, email Brant Small at Transformative Wave and the Program team And if you’d prefer, you can always reach out to us at Waypoint Energy at and we’ll help as well.


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