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EE Financial Performance

In support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Waypoint designed and conducted a study aimed at reviewing the full range of existing research on the relationship between a building’s energy efficiency and its financial performance, spanning the full range of financial metrics that are critical to measuring a building’s overall financial success.


This study spanned over 50 papers on the impacts of energy efficiency on a commercial building’s operating statement and asset value. The analysis investigated each key financial component, including, but not limited to, revenues, operating expenses, capital costs, tax treatment, and capitalization rates. Waypoint then utilized this research to conduct a broad market gap analysis to identify areas in which additional research on the relationship between energy efficiency and a property’s financial performance is needed.


The results of this effort are published in a report titled “Energy Efficiency and Financial Performance: A Review of Studies in the Market,” available on the DOE Better Buildings Appraisal and Valuation webpage. Waypoint also led the socialization of the results of the review to commercial buildings stakeholder groups across the country via a live webinar presentation.

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