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Tishman Speyer Sustainability Strategy

Waypoint has direct experience with the development and deployment of energy efficiency plan and sustainability within commercial real estate assets, as well as providing training and technical assistance to Owners and Managers of those assets. Tishman Speyer engaged Waypoint to create, manage, and implement a west coast regional portfolio sustainability (LEED) strategy. As part of these services, Waypoint developed and managed an education program for the building management staff, managed multiple LEED Gold Certifications and one LEED Platinum Certification, performed retro-commissioning and energy audits, completed a variety of sustainability analysis on select tenant spaces, and worked with the USGBC to develop a case study on the historic building achieving LEED Platinum building.  The case study was featured as a USGBC key project during the 2011 Toronto Greenbuild Expo, highlighting Tishman Speyer and Waypoint’s processes in achieving LEED Platinum.


In summary, Waypoint executed regional training with 100% pass rate; completed multiple energy audits; achieved target LEED certifications on all buildings; and achieved LEED Platinum Certification on a 50-year-old historic building, successfully awarded a coveted case study at the 2011 Toronto Greenbuild Expo.

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