Welcome Katie Vrabel, Waypoint Energy’s New Director

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

Waypoint Energy is growing their small but mighty team of commercial real estate energy efficiency rockstars. Katie Vrabel is joining the company as a Director, overseeing the delivery of programs and services and collaborating with utility and commercial real estate clients within the Midwest. A native Midwesterner, she resides in Indianapolis, with her family.

Katie has over a decade of experience in the energy industry, with more than half of that spent designing, evaluating, and implementing demand side management utility programs. She has designed multi-faceted energy efficiency programs and has a track record of driving innovation and additional portfolio offerings within the residential retail and small medium business sectors.

Additionally, Ms. Vrabel has worked extensively on partnership development and values strong collaboration with internal and external teams to ensure alignment and delivery of key objectives. She has been integral in the delivery and growth of large utility portfolio energy efficiency offerings, including the statewide Energizing Indiana initiative from 2012-2014.

Beyond energy, Ms. Vrabel started her career in the commercial real estate industry as a leasing and brokerage associate, developing a foundation and long-term desire to making an impact within this sector.

“I’m beyond thrilled to join Waypoint Energy and work with utility and commercial real estate clients to drive energy efficiency programs. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create change, especially with such an engaged, thoughtful, and driven team.” - Katie Vrabel

On behalf of Waypoint Energy, we’re beyond thrilled to have you join our team as well!

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