Waypoint’s Flagship Commercial Real Estate Engagement Program Launches with Rocky Mountain Power

Written by: Joseph Werner

Waypoint Energy has implemented its Connect program with utilities across California, and has now launched this offering in Utah. Connect is a portfolio-based analytics approach that leverages Waypoint Energy’s relationships with property management firms to drive utility incentive adoption and energy savings across portfolios of commercial multi-tenant properties. Our Connect solution overcomes the barriers to utilities reaching the commercial real estate (CRE) market, drives energy efficiency savings, and brings value to utility clients and commercial real estate customers.

Working closely with Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) utility, Waypoint Energy’s CRE Connect offering fits into the utility’s broader efficiency initiative: the wattsmart Business program. Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business program provides technical expertise and cash incentives to qualifying commercial, industrial and agricultural customers for upgrading equipment and processes to increase energy efficiency.

CRE Connect leverages Waypoint’s relationships with the top national CRE property management firms to bring the right stakeholders to the table. Waypoint analyzes participating portfolios’ energy performances, crafts business cases for efficiency upgrades, and works with RMP to help properties capture utility-offered incentive dollars for upgrades.

These existing relationships with large property management firms, such as Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE and Colliers, work in Waypoint Energy and CRE Connect’s favor as it provides an initial baseline of portfolios/properties to participate. Additionally, Waypoint consistently engages in further outreach to additional large and local property management and ownership firms to expand the range of participating properties. Waypoint and RMP have co-branded a CRE Connect 1-pager that introduces the offering as part of the wattsmart Business Program to the Utah CRE community for further market penetration.

We look forward to working with Rocky Mountain Power to provide CRE Connect to the Utah market and encourage portfolio-wide energy savings therein. To get involved, visit us at waypoint-energy.com or email us at info@waypoint-energy.com.

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