Waypoint Presents on Gas Efficiency at Energy/Facilities Connections (EFC) Conference

Written by: Joseph Werner

On May 8th, Waypoint Energy’s Vice President of Utility Solutions, Emily Pearce, in conjunction with our friends over at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), presented at Washington State University’s 14th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections (EFC) Conference. Slated as a Technical Track and titled “Gas Efficiency: Gas-Fired Condensing Rooftop Units”, the presentation explored one of the most exciting emerging technologies in the commercial HVAC market: condensing rooftop units (C-RTUs).

The EFC Conference’s focus this year was to support facilities managers and their need for collaborative efforts in identifying resources that can work together to solve complex challenges. Aligning with this overarching theme, Waypoint and NEEA proposed the idea of educating facilities managers on the benefits of this new technology along with proper best practices regarding operation and maintenance, or O&M. It was the intention of this presentation to arm facilities managers to the teeth with knowledge on C-RTUs and gas efficiency by debunking common myths about the technology and helping understand the financial business cases for considering C-RTU technology for their buildings.

Emily Pearce said about the conference:

"We were thrilled to present to such an enthusiastic group! There was some real excitement in the air around condensing rooftop units and the value and efficiency they can bring."

The turnout and positive attention at this presentation give Waypoint and NEEA high hopes that C-RTUs will continue to be adopted widely in the commercial HVAC market. Reach out to us at info@waypoin-energy.com to learn more about C-RTUs. Special thanks to the EFC Conference for a wonderful event!

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