Waypoint Presents on Department of Energy Better Buildings Initiative at SPECS Conference

Written by: Marta Schantz

Earlier this month, Waypoint Energy Manager Marta Schantz attended the 53rd annual  SPECS Conference in Orlando on behalf of our clients at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). SPECS stands for the Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services Seminar. But that’s the 1965 definition – today, it’s simply known as “The Retail Event for Store Innovation.”

Waypoint Energy has been supporting the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative since it was founded, and currently co-leads the Advanced Roof-Top Unit (RTU) Campaign with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  Part of Waypoint Energy’s efforts with the Campaign is to promote RTU efficiency resources and guidance to the market via webinars, 1-on-1 meetings, and conference events. As such, Marta Schantz joined Michael Deru from NREL in presenting to a room full of retailers and about the market transformation initiatives available to retail commercial buildings via involvement in technical campaigns such as the Advanced RTU Campaign.

The SPECS session, “Better Buildings Challenge: What’s the Payoff for Retailers?” focused on the value of public-private partnerships between entities such as DOE’s Advanced RTU Campaign and retailers such as The Wendy’s Company. Scott Moline from Wendy’s also presented on his company’s efficiency efforts – with pilot stores cutting energy use by 24% – and described Wendy’s innovative solutions and ground-breaking technologies.

Waypoint Energy is proud to continue to promote energy efficiency technologies to the commercial buildings market through public programs and looks forward to continuing to support such efforts long into the future. If you have questions about RTUs or other building systems, reach out to us at info@waypoint-energy.com.

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