Waypoint Presents at the BOMA 2018 International Conference

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

BOMA? More like BO-Magnificent! Last week was the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International Conference in San Antonio, Texas and the theme this year was “Your Big Moment”. Waypoint Energy’s CEO Diane Vrkic, VP Emily Pearce and Director Marta Schantz, as well as attendees from Waypoint Energy’s parent company Waypoint Building Group attended the conference and had nothing but great things to say.

This year's BOMA conference brought it BIG! Not only were the education sessions informative and relevant, there were also so many colleagues and friends to discuss new activities and exciting projects in the real estate market." – Marta Schantz, Waypoint Energy

Waypoint’s presence beyond networking and learning included an hour-long session titledThe Value of Property Condition Assessments (PCAs): Providing the Expected or Providing Change” presented by Emily Pearce from Waypoint Energy and Jeff Gerwig from Colliers International. The session discussed basic elements of PCAs, how they can provide value to brokers, and the value of including energy efficiency in PCAs.

In another session, “Shave those Peaks: Managing Utility Demand Charges”, Marta Shantz from Waypoint Energy and Sara Neff from Kilroy Realty laid out all the peak shaving options on the market, allowing properties to realize savings from managing demand charges.

Waypoint Energy also has been supporting BOMA’s new Waste and Water (W2) Challenge which encourages building owners and managers to upload their waste and water data onto Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Well, being it was a BOMA conference, there were loads of BOMA W2 promotion utilizing data analyzed by Waypoint. Some great sessions included “Next Generation Efficiency with BOMA’s W2 Challenge” and “BOMA’s W2 Challenge: Benchmarking Waste and Water with ENERGY STAR®”.

Waypoint's Marta Schantz along with the BOMA W2 Challenge team and supporters.

It’s thrilling to network, learn and present at such well-crafted events like this. If you’d like to learn more about our presentations and work with BOMA, don’t hesitate to email us at info@waypoint-energy.com.

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