Waypoint Energy Learns (and Presents) a la Carte at AESP 2018 Spring Conference

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

Last week, Waypoint Energy Director of West Coast Utilities, Johnathon Fata, attended the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) 2018 Spring Conference. The 3-day conference in Atlanta, Georgia was themed “Learning a la Carte,” in which attendees were given the opportunity to choose what and how to learn. This spin on the traditional conference style (choosing from an option of presentations) covered topics from electrification to blockchain technology and offered three learning formats:

  1. Master Class. Instructor-led deep-dive 75-minute sessions in a classroom-style setting.

  2. Learning Labs. Interactive, roundtable facilitator-led environment.

  3. Expert Perspectives in 360°. Panel of experts from different disciplines, sharing their knowledge on specific topics and programs.

Johnathon not only attended some great sessions, but he had the opportunity to speak at one of the Master Classes as well! The session “User Experience 360 – from user-centric design research to successful program launch” was facilitated by Sherri Borrelli from The United Illuminating Co., and included additional speaker Amanda Dwelley from Illume Advising and Julie Blackwell from Michaels Energy. Here’s a summary from the conference agenda:

You have a big idea…How can you make sure your product, service or program will be a hit with your customers? How do you know if your team can deliver? Starting with design, we will share cost-effective ideas for qualitative or case study work to uncover customer needs and test products/services. Fast-forward to launch – learn best practices and considerations that will line your launch up for success.

This 75-minute Master Class consisted of valuable insights about the design and launch of implementation programs. Waypoint loves being in an industry in which peers can sit amongst each other and share challenges, successes and lessons for the purpose of educating and enhancing the world of energy efficiency. If you want to learn more about the session contact info@waypoint-energy.com.

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