Waypoint Becomes an ENERGY STAR Partner!

Written by: Joseph Werner

Last month Waypoint Building Group became an official partner with the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR. Characterized as an Energy Consultant/Energy Management Services Company, Waypoint applied for and was awarded the partnership in the category of Service and Product Providers (SPP) for ENERGY STAR.

To become eligible, applying organizations must demonstrate that they have actively used the ENERGY STAR approach to help clients achieve their energy management goals. For SPPs serving the Existing Commercial Buildings Market, they must demonstrate active use in the following ways:

  • Benchmark at least 10 client commercial buildings in the last 12 months using Portfolio Manager, and/or

  • Earn the ENERGY STAR label for at least one client commercial building in the last 12 months, using Portfolio Manager and meeting other program requirements.

Through Waypoint’s various projects in cities that both do and do not mandate ENERGY STAR benchmarking, Waypoint offers its partners support in getting their buildings up on the Portfolio Manager and earning certification with a score above 75. Further, Waypoint communicates policy changes from ENERGY STAR to its partners as seen in our recent blog on upcoming score changes. As Waypoint has surpassed these required thresholds by a significant amount and has been an advocate for ENERGY STAR benchmarking for years, becoming an official partner was a no-brainer!

As an official ENERGY STAR partner, we are excited to help buildings with their Portfolio Manager efforts. If you have buildings not yet on ENERGY STAR or currently benchmarked and considering certification, feel free to reach out to info@waypoint-energy.com for more information.

Next stop, Partner of the Year!

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