Recap: Waypoint’s Earth Day Impacts

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

Since Earth Day landed on a Saturday this year – and since there’s no way Waypoint could go a year without celebrating Earth Day as a company – we made an executive decision to celebrate it on Friday April 21st instead.  As a company striving to improve performance in the commercial real estate industry, energy efficiency and sustainability is a big part of that. We want to walk the talk in everything we do.

Last week the employees at Waypoint took a stand against current attacks on Federal efficiency programs (we wrote about this here), and tallied the impact of direct energy savings to the environment from Waypoint’s consulting services. To celebrate Earth Day itself this year, our goal was to have every Waypoint employee participate in at least one energy efficient or sustainable activity – an event we called “Every Waypointer Counts.”

During the week leading up to Waypoint’s Earth Day, we sent out these ideas for energy-efficiency related activities:

Low-carbon commute

  • Bike, take public transit, or carpool to work

Cut your energy load

  • Put your computer on battery saving mode the whole day

  • Remove phone and computer chargers and other plug loads that you don't use for the whole day

Power down

  • Get a group and work in the lounge with the lights off

  • Work outside

Make your voice heard

What a turn out it was – even our remote employees called in to have their sustainable activities added to the board! It was great to see how many people used these ideas as part of their Earth Day activities. And we were thrilled to see how many additional activities were written on the board:

  • Planting trees

  • Not eating meat

  • Donating to the NRDC

  • Increase thermostat cooling setpoints

  • Shopping at local farmer’s markets

As a certified San Francisco Green Business, Waypoint is always committed to practicing what we preach. Every day is Earth Day really, but these designated events are a way to reflect on our impacts each year, get others involved, and refresh and promote our strategies towards a sustainable future. Happy Earth Day!

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