Need Proof that Energy Efficiency is Growing? New Scorecard Ranks Utilities’ Efficiency Programming

Written by: Johnathon Fata

In the world of energy efficiency, we often talk about the commercial real estate (CRE) industry and their needs, challenges and solutions to reducing energy consumption. And while we’ve often focused on CRE - since they are, after all, the ones who implement the efficiency measures - their utilities are often a driving force behind many of the energy efficiency projects that are implemented. Further, as energy efficiency has proven itself to be a cost-effective resource for utilities and rate-payers, utilities have had a growing opportunity to incorporate efficiency programs into their portfolios. But as with many things, some have done a better job than others in doing so.

Enter the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) first ever 2017 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard. As an organization who regularly works with utilities to develop and implement energy efficiency programs, this scorecard is right up our alley. In our industry, we seldom forget the adage “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and that applies to utilities and their energy efficiency programs perfectly.

ACEEE’s 2017 scorecard ranked the 51 largest utilities in the U.S. across 18 metrics with a total of 50 points possible. The metrics fall into three categories critical to utility-sector efficiency: (1) quantitative savings and spending performance, (2) program diversity and emerging areas, and (3) targets, business models, and evaluation. Understanding that utilities are (typically) regulated entities and are beholden to state public utilities commission (PUC) and state regulations, ACEEE assessed utilities within the framework of those regulations to create an apples-to-apples comparison (more details on the results can be found in this video here). Congratulations to the utilities that ranked in the top 10 for ACEEE’s first ever ranking for energy efficiency!

  1. Eversource MA

  2. National Grid MA

  3. Pacific Gas & Electric

  4. Baltimore Gas & Electric

  5. Eversource CT

  6. Southern California Edison

  7. San Diego Gas & Electric

  8. Commonwealth Edison

  9. Portland General Electric

  10. Xcel Colorado/Xcel Minnesota

Upon reading the list, Waypoint Energy was extremely excited and proud that we have supported energy efficiency programs for seven out of the top ten utilities on the scorecard. Among our many projects with these utilities, Waypoint Energy has implemented full-scale commercial efficiency programs, developed market segmentation strategies for the commercial sector, developed tenant space efficiency programs to overcome the split-incentive, and analyzed the Class B commercial market.

We commend ACEEE for developing this valuable tool for the energy efficiency industry. In alignment with local and state-wide energy benchmarking and disclosure mandates, this annual scorecard will provide a baseline for utilities to measure their progress, learn from other utilities, and improve their own energy efficiency offerings. We look forward to the opportunity to support not only the top performers, but all utilities who have committed to improving and growing their energy efficiency offerings for customers.

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