Monumental Green: Waypoint at Greenbuild 2015

Written by: Marie Phillips

This past week, the Waypoint team along with our esteemed business colleagues converged on our National Capital to attend the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) annual Greenbuild conference. Greenbuild is the held as the standard to learn revolutionary ideas for advancement in sustainable projects, including energy efficiency through HVAC, paint, carpet, water reduction, and many other sustainable concepts.  It is an essential educational gathering to learn about new local projects, world initiatives, and how to implement the most innovative approaches to attaining a more sustainable world.

Represented by 86 countries and twenty thousand attendees, from architects, to the largest asset owners in the world, we all listened during the opening plenary to an excited Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Julian Castro, discuss the monumental changes they are implementing to make homes and neighborhoods safer and more sustainable for families. He explained that renewable energy has risen by 180% in this current Presidency which is at an all-time high.

Following him was CEO and Founding Chair, Rick Fedrizzi, of USGBC with a lively address. He openly discussed the changes happening in the USGBC including stepping down as CEO at the end of 2016, the current republican candidacy for nomination, and pointed out there was no support from this group on environmental climate change. He is passionate about his work, the business he created, and educating all of society on how they impact the world today and tomorrow and how proud he is of the audience for joining in and making a change.

The opening ceremony had some admirable speakers including filmmaker James Cameron who is also fervent about reducing our carbon footprint. He mentioned that at the individual level, the most simple way, we each can make an impact is by controlling the amount of red meat we consume. Mr. Cameron was candidly interviewed by Mika Brezezinski, co-host of Morning Joe. She enthusiastically peppered him with questions about our presidential candidates, and how he is living a green life, down to what he ate for breakfast (green smoothie, of course).

With all that excitement in the opening ceremony we looked forward to what the rest of what Greenbuild had to offer. Several learning sessions particularly pertained to what we find interesting “Show me the data, advances in utility meter data access”, “Building Performance and Energy Efficiency”, “Commercial Asset Rating – New Methods of Driving Investment”. The education was important and provided a wonderful networking environment with peers that are just as focused on making a difference by green awareness as we are. As a company that is on the leading edge of energy efficiency in the commercial real estate market, Waypoint was thrilled to share our own best practices with Greenbuild attendees as well.

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