Introducing Fitwel’s Newest Ambassador: Waypoint’s Marta Schantz

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Written by: Marta Schantz

In the sustainability world of buildings, we often focus mostly on things like energy efficiency, renewables, storage, operations, improvements. But we often exclude one very important piece… occupants! The people inside these buildings deserve equal if not more attention to ensure that their health is considered as part of the sustainability movement. This covers physical, mental, and social health of building occupants.

Employers are well aware of the impact health related costs have on their bottom line. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, productivity losses related to health costs U.S. employers over $225 billion annually. Research by the CDC and others now demonstrate how workplace policies and design can significantly benefit employee health and productivity.

While a growing number of workplace wellness programs have been linked to positive health outcomes, the myriad of environmental factors influencing healthy behaviors at the workplace have yet to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. The Fitwel Certification System successfully fills a much-needed gap, providing a science-based and user-friendly tool that professionals can use to support workplace health through design and operational strategies.

Waypoint is pleased to announce that our team member Marta Schantz recently became a Fitwel Ambassador! Fitwel is the premier certification system for optimizing building design and operations to support health and well-being. Fitwel Ambassadors are well-versed in the evidence-based connection between design and health, and have a clear understanding of how to integrate the Fitwel Strategies into projects and portfolios. These Fitwel Strategies are divided into seven Health Impact Categories, represented in the seven blocks of the Fitwel logo:

If you have any questions about Fitwel or the healthy building movement in general, reach out to the Waypoint Energy team at We’d be happy to discuss how to get your real estate properties Fitwel-certified with one, two, or three stars, and how to justify those benefits in the bottom line.

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