Going Hand-in-Hand: Waypoint Energy Attends ACEEE 2018 Summer Study and Presents on Utility Program

Written by: Joseph Werner

Power in numbers! Several Waypoint Energy employees attended American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) 2018 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings from August 13-17 down in Pacific Grove, California. Waypoint has been attending this bi-annual conference for many years now and enjoys the laid back, beachy and highly educational atmosphere it has to offer.

Waypoint Energy at ACEEE Summer Study. From left to right: Katie Vrabel, Joseph Werner, Emily Pearce, Johnathon Fata.

Amongst attending sessions and camp fires, Waypoint Energy Vice President, Emily Pearce had a poster session on utility pay-for-performance programs, titled “Getting Ahead of the Savings Curve: Utility Pay-For-Performance Program Design for Commercial Real Estate Customers.” Emily and Waypoint Energy Director, Katie Vrabel, both whom support the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance Plug and Process Load Technical Research Team also organized an informal Plug Load Beach Walk. Plug load enthusiasts strolled the beach to talk plug loads and eventually make s’mores.

Emily Pearce and Katie Vrabel making s'mores with plug load enthusiasts

Additionally, on Friday, August 17th Johnathon Fata, Director at Waypoint Energy, along with Lin Alder, Associate Program Manager at Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), presented on a panel titled “Going Hand-in-Hand: City and Community Engagement Approach to Achieve Utility Efficiency Savings Goals”. Johnathon and Lin were able to speak to the multi-pronged approach to Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business Program’s CRE Connect offering and its success.

CRE Connect works with commercial building portfolios of property management firms in Rocky Mountain Power’s service territory to identify opportunity for energy savings, recommend energy efficiency measures that pair with existing RMP incentives, and create sound financial business cases around them. The CRE Connect model is replicable across multiple utility territories, and RMP’s CRE Connect has experienced heightened success due to broad community engagement.

Collaborating closely with the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) of Utah’s Kilowatt Crackdown competition, the Mayor’s Project Skyline challenge, and Salt Lake City’s 2017 energy benchmarking ordinance, CRE Connect is able to align the various energy efficiency initiatives in the community into one streamlined process working directly with the utility to achieve these savings. Because the CRE industry can benefit greatly from participating in these competitions and is directly affected by this ordinance, RMP and CRE Connect are communicating with the community to make sure building owners and managers are supported in their energy efficiency efforts.

Johnathon Fata speaking on Rocky Mountain Power's CRE Connect Program

When it comes to innovative ways for utilities to engage the broader community, stakeholders in the industry are constantly looking to improve engagement and participation tactics in these efficiency efforts. Although this panel was slotted in the last time slot on the last day of the conference, Waypoint and Rocky Mountain Power were pleased to share findings with a large crowd!

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