Dream Big. Assess Your Building’s Energy Efficiency Potential - BetterBricks’ Spark Tool Webinar

Written by: Joseph Werner

We all dream about different things we wish we had: a mansion in the hills, owning a sports franchise, finding the fountain of youth. Here at Waypoint Energy, we dream about 35% or more energy efficiency savings at commercial buildings and the financial savings that accompany it. Do you share the same dream?

If so, mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 13th at 10am PCT. BetterBricks and The Green Building Interest Group (GBIG) are hosting a training webinar on how to use the “Spark Tool” to assess a commercial building’s opportunity for energy efficiency and leverage the results to increase the likelihood of efficiency measure implementation.

The Spark Tool (Spark) is a free, interactive online tool that can help you determine if your commercial building is a good candidate for a deep energy retrofit based on a variety of building-specific inputs such as utility data, building systems basics and occupancy and business information. This early assessment tool produces a report with recommended efficiency measures, estimated energy savings, and real estate returns, followed by actionable next steps.

Spark serves as a key instrument in building renewal: the real estate strategy to modernize a building and improve its competitive position in the market by focusing on comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades. Using Spark results in exactly what we fantasize about at Waypoint: recommendations for a 35%+ reduction of a building’s energy usage and costs. This allows for repositioning your building by improving its energy performance and reducing its operating expenses, ultimately increasing the value of the asset.

This September 13th webinar will focus on how to leverage Spark’s integrated technical and financial reports to communicate the business case for building renewal projects. The webinar will include an overview of the building renewal strategy, a live demonstration of the Spark Tool, and a look at the customized integrated measure packages the Tool can create.

Interested in using the Spark Tool to make your dreams a reality? Register here for BetterBricks’ Spark Tool Webinar. In preparation for the webinar, we strongly encourage you to create an account on Spark and familiarize yourself with the tool. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email us at info@waypoint-energy.com. Dream big. We look forward to seeing you September 13th!

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