Cheers to the 2nd Annual Energy Efficiency Day: The Future is Bright!

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Written by: Sormeh Konjkav

Last year, Waypoint Energy discovered that there will henceforth be a day dedicated to energy efficiency. So it was no surprise that as a team that specializes in designing and implementing energy efficiency programs, full of self-called “efficiency nerds”, they were thrilled to celebrate the inauguration of Energy Efficiency Day on October 5, 2016.

This year, I asked Emily Pearce, our Vice President of Utility Solutions, a few questions about her relationship with energy efficiency:

Q: Why is energy efficiency important to you? A: Energy efficiency is important to me because this world has a finite amount of resources and it’s our job as global citizens to take good care of those resources. Energy efficiency is a great way to give back!
Q: When did you start caring about energy efficiency? A: When my dad and I fixed up an old tractor when I was five. It was old and broken down and we fixed it up like new because it’s a precious resource that just needed some attention and new parts. The new, more efficient parts let it run like new. I was hooked on reduce, reuse, recycle from that point on.
Q: Why is this job important to you? A: My job lets me sleep well at night. I can rest at night knowing we’re making a positive impact on the planet.
Q: What do you do in your life outside of job that reflects your love for energy efficiency? A: I’m an urban farmer, novice homesteader, recycling, free pile, energy saver kind of person. I follow my values for energy efficiency into my personal life every day. Whether through our 3,000 gallons in water catchment for our gardens, gathering chicken eggs, or installing LEDs at our house, I love energy efficiency every day.
Q: How does energy efficiency impact our world? A: Energy efficiency is the easier thing to do to help positively impact how we use our world resources. We know we need energy to run our homes and businesses, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be efficient energy. That means cheaper energy too, which saves money, which people can than invest back into their homes and businesses.
Q: Why should everyone care about energy efficiency? A: Because it’s easy and they are probably already doing it. Do you turn off the lights when you go to sleep? Then you’re being energy efficient. Now take the next step, next time you need to buy a new appliance, see how much energy it uses; pay attention to your car mpg, look at how cool the new LED lightbulbs look. It’s easy, you just have to make it part of your life.
Q: What does the future of energy efficiency look like? A: Bright! Energy efficiency is the cheapest energy resource and likely will be for a long time to come. As energy prices go up and resources for making that energy go down, we’ll be seeing more and more competitive prices for energy efficiency technology and easier ways for customers to use it. It’ll become the norm…or at least that’s my hope.

Cheers to the second year of celebrating Energy Efficiency Day. Waypoint Energy is proud to drive energy efficiency savings in commercial buildings and to implement energy efficiency programs with our utility and government partners. You can participate too! The Energy Efficiency Day website provides several ways for individuals and organizations to participate in energy efficiency efforts, such as pledging to switch out 10 light bulbs in their office buildings for LEDs, or tweeting support with the hashtag #EEDay2017.

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